About Our Project – SolarKitten
About Our Project

The Future belongs to our children. First of all, to those of them who are preparing for it today, our Multi-books – a combination of traditional paper books and cutting-edge technologies (augmented reality with 3D animation and video tutorials), are critical tools for the task.


The future being shaped in front of our eyes by such technologies as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and bioengineering and holographs will put forward altogether different requirements to the young who want to be successful and in-demand members of society.


The ability to follow orders and perform routine work in an organized manner will become resume-spoilers to be replaced by such qualities as being able to think critically, creatively and out-of-the-box; find non-standard and unobvious solutions to solve problems and generate new ideas. Flexibility is integral in a constantly changing world!


Our children will have to be emotionally intelligent, self-aware and have strong self esteem. They will need to learn to coexist with others and collectively solve complex problems. Strategies involving piggybacking and brainstorming with others elevates the level of thought processing and results in a better end product. Mindfulness self-regulates children when in stress situations. Also, they will have to develop and accept the responsibility for continual self-education and updating skills in order to exist and keep pace within the new productive processing of the critical mass of information available.

Unfortunately, the traditional school can not boast a variety of subjects to learn the above; nor does every parent has special knowledge and skills to teach their children what they really need. We have the solution!