Partnership – SolarKitten

Your children are time travellers enroot to the future. It is the task for the parents to have them prepared for the journey. We (the authors) would like children to maximize their chances of becoming happy, successful and indispensable participators in our world. We are certain this is what every parent wants

Our project’s goal is to help you give your child the most important things to achieve this independent, critical, out-of-the-box thinking; understanding own emotions and understanding other people, a taste for continuous self-education, skills for processing information.


We invite like-minded people, partners, co-authors, parents and educational professionals to join our creative community. If our ideas and goals ring a bell with you, join our project!


What we need the money for:

•    Print Book One of the series;

•    Finalize development and publish the augmented reality app;

•    Prepare two more books of the series for publication;

•    Roll out our site as a communication platform for parents and the specialists on our team.

Join us!